Group 2008 3rd Place Tahquamenon 4 Dog Sportsmen

Our daughter Caitlin ran this race and was very excited about her and her dog's performance. She ran her own dog Cola in lead that she worked very hard to earn through babysitting. She is now talking about moving into the 6 dog sportsmen class for next year.

Daisy-2006 (L)Perm

Daisy, one of our up and coming yearlings, has come off a front end injury from training with the main team so we thought this was a great chance to get her back into the swing of things running and some valuable exposure to the "race environment". Caitlin said she did a great job for her.

RICKY-1999Perm BETTY-2001Perm Doug Swingley Pedigree
Dexter-2004 (L)Perm M

This was a good assignment for Dexter. A solid veteran helping out a youngster. Caitlin said he was very good.

CokePerm Niki-2001Perm Andrew Cesario Pedigree
Ricky-2002 (L)Perm

Ricky ran lead with Cola. Her enthusiasm and veteran experience is just what the youngsters need.

STONE-1996Perm RosePerm Ken and Lori Chezik Pedigree

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