Group 2006 1st Place Apostle Island 8 Dog Pro

Pete ran this group. A very sound performance for this team. Strider and Elrond made their debut in lead with the main string running with their mom Hurricane. Strider on the first day and Elrond on the second. Both were very impressive!

Dexter-2004 (L)Perm M

Dexter did a fine job this race. This was his first race on the main string. Ran team on the first day and wheel on the second day.

CokePerm Niki-2001Perm Andrew Cesario Pedigree
Elrond-2004 (L)Perm

Just amazing! Elrond ran point on the first day and lead on the second day with his mother Hurricane. Pretty impressive for a 20 month old. No stress at all. Did about 15 head on passes. Little nervous on the first few but loosened up nicely on the balance. What a great confidence builder for him.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Hurricane-2001 (L)Perm

When I am on the runners with Hurricane in lead I am just in awe. What a pleasure to watch her run. She was the driving force at this race.

PEPPY-1993Perm Flotsam-1999Perm Doug Swingley Pedigree
Strider-2004 (L)Perm

Strider ran lead on the first day with his mom Hurricane. Ran point on the second day. Very solid and enthusiastic.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Theoden-2004 (L)Perm M

Theo, brother to Elrond and Strider, was very driven this race. Lot's of enthusiasm. Little heavier than his brothers but just as athletic.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Wooly-2002 (L)Perm M

Wooly is one of our main leaders. We ran him in point this race on both days in order to get some younger dogs some race exposure. Wooly is an exceptional sleddog.

Bachelor-1996Perm TannerPerm Matt Johnson Pedigree

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