Group 2006 7th Place Midnight Run 8 Dog Pro

Pete had a great race this year running the second string. Ricky (05 MR leader champ) ran main lead. Ricky sustained an injury earlier in the season which kept her from racing at White Oak and Bayfield. She appeared to be ready to go for the MR so Pete gave her a try. Pete started in 12th place on the second leg and passed 5 teams to take 7th. Colleen, 7 years old and 2002 UP200 Champ leader ran with Ricky on the first leg. Gimli, a 21 month old, ran the full 2nd leg in lead with Ricky and did awesome. His brother Legolas ran in point. They are littermates to 3 of the young dogs on Sharon's team. Heron and Loon, sisters at 2 1/2 years old, proved to be steady, as did Rosie (3 yo) with a good 400 training miles less than the others. Skunk (6 yo) our trooper did his job as usual.

Colleen-1999 (L)Perm

Colleen showed her veteran leadership on the first leg. Very steady paced athlete.

Snow-1995Perm TannerPerm Wayne Kevern Pedigree
Gimli-2004 (L)Perm

Gimli is amazing. If all our dogs had a heart the size of his and he with some of their athletic ability, they all would be one's dream dog. Gimli ran lead on the second leg and helped Pete gain 5 places.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Legolas-2004 (L)Perm M

Legolas did what we expected him to do. A little nervous around the crowd in the beginning but settled in. Pete expected to use him in lead but it wasn't necessary.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Ricky-2002 (L)Perm

Ricky returned from a previous injury and did a great job for Pete in lead. She's about 3/8 pointer and has tremendous drive and enthusiasm. Ricky ran main lead on Pete's 05 Midnight Run Championship team with Hurricane. She is perfect for this type of racing.

STONE-1996Perm RosePerm Ken and Lori Chezik Pedigree

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