Group 2006 6th Place Tahquamenon 6 Dog Pro

Our part-time handler Elizabeth Mills ran this team. This was her first pro class race and she did so great. What a great learning experience she had. We gave her 3 yearlings and 3 vets. She was almost 3 minutes out of second and a minute kept her out of third place.

Colleen-1999 (L)Perm

Colleen is an old vet and did great this race in lead. She's more suited for a bit longer races, but always runs competitively at any distance in our region.

Snow-1995Perm TannerPerm Wayne Kevern Pedigree
Dexter-2004 (L)Perm M

Dexter came through on this race. He has come on so strong in the last month. Elizabeth said he was on except for a short period and then came right back on.

CokePerm Niki-2001Perm Andrew Cesario Pedigree
Legolas-2004 (L)Perm M

Elizabeth said Legolas was on the whole race. Lot's of enthusiam. He was slated to run with the main team but changed last minute. Slightly lacking a little confidence which we are sure will improve with age.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Ricky-2002 (L)Perm

Ricky started out in lead and ended in team during this race. She came off the tug which is surprising for her at this distance. She was still a big help on this team.

STONE-1996Perm RosePerm Ken and Lori Chezik Pedigree
Strider-2004 (L)Perm

My personal favorite. Strider did great this race according to Elizabeth. He finished in lead. Elizabeth said things picked up when he was put in lead. Was always banging wanting to go.

Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree

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