Sisu Studs

'Fallon' is a 70 lb, fast/athletic, hard driving machine coming down from multiple layers of some of the winning-est dogs/bloodlines in the world. This dog loves to please, and runs anywhere in the team including a solid lead. Fallon was line-bred to one of our top young leaders in 2016, producing 9 very uniform pups (6M, 3F) that are knock-outs in harness with nearly every one now leading and winning as adults. 'Megatron' is a freak of nature. If massive size, power, speed, athleticism, and proven endurance are your thing, then there is no other place to turn. At 90 lbs, this dude has stood atop the podium in elite dryland rig, limited class sled, and Open/unlimited sled; a proven champion beast to 26 km who has routinely trained/conditioned out to 32 km with energy to spare. He runs anywhere in the team including lead (track record holder). In 2019, Megatron was bred to our line-bred phenom, Ms. Noni. They produced 7 pups (5M, 2F) that give me goosebumps and get you downright giddy; a combo destined to be repeated. 'Dynamo', son of Megatron, proven champion and track record holder across DR4, DR8, Sp4, Sp8, and Sp10 disciplines. He is a tall, long, sleek, athletic speedster of 88 lbs who like his sire, has freakish endurance to match. Wonderful temperament; loving, loyal, velcro-type dog. Dynamo sired his first litter in 2022 and all look to be exquisite specimens going on 8 months. This dog should be bred by those looking for elite limited class sprint dogs with size, unmatched athleticism, and versatility.