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Sled dogs have been a documented part of our family heritage dating back to the early 1800's, when our great Ojibwe forefather, Wawanishkam ("One who covers much territory"), and his wife, Neganigishigoquay ("Head woman of the bay") lived and traveled by dog power in the Fond du Lac country near present day Duluth, MN, and down through the St. Croix River Valley along with its many tributaries. Today, their spirit and the tradition of rearing and driving dogs lives onward in the Sno-Trek Kennels of Howard & Kay Thompson, and the Team SISU racing sled dogs of Benjamin & Lacey Thompson.

Modern-day Team SISU canine athletes are 'Alaskan Huskies' strategically developed from a mix of some of the top Husky, Pointer, and Sighthound stock in the world; our primary focus being large, powerful animals loaded with athletic versatility and friendly/responsive temperaments. These days, 'Sprint' is our main discipline, ranging from bikejor, dryland rig, limited class sled, and open/unlimited sled. Team SISU has also experienced success within short mid-distance events, as we have sought to test/prove our stock across a broad spectrum of challenges in order to continually inform and guide future kennel/breeding practices.

Team SISU also offers kennel tours, demos, training workshops, individual coaching/consult, professional speaking/presentations, canine sports marketing/promotions, animal stud services, and periodic availability of animals to appropriate homes. We are also an advocate and facilitator of inclusive harness dog sports offering accessibility and adaptations to suit persons of all abilities. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our professional kennel services.

Thank you for visiting our kennel page. You can also find us on facebook @ to keep apprised of race schedules/results, pictures, videos, tips, humor, and more, from our life with dogs.

Team SISU is powered by NutriSource Super Performance Dog Food, family-owned and made in Minnesota, USA. We also thank our good friends at La Belle Bete Nutrition Animale - Sports Canins, of Quebec, QC, Canada, for their expert service/products for mushing enthusiasts from the beginner to pro!

Thanks for stopping in, folks. Be well and mush on!

Benjamin & Lacey Thompson,, (208) 680-4170

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