2020 Copper Dog 25 - 1st, 6 Dog

CD 25, Calumet, MI: 6 dogs, 23.72 miles. This group of 6 set the new course record averaging 16+ mph in our first attempt in this mid-distance race. It was an incredible night with animals that left me in awe. SuperDogs, Noni, and mother, Eleanor 'Ella', did the honors up front in lead, with nearing 9 y.o. Hilda (70 lbs) anchoring the rest, and logging an unforgettable performance. The only mistake made in this race was again my own, when I missed a sign and drove us right on through an intersection and down the trail, LOL! Thankfully, with a turn-back like that factored in, there was the grace of distance and a swift dog team to make up for it. Uffda! Fair to note, these are the same exact winning animals that average 21-23 mph in dryland races running 2 to 4 miles, thus demonstrating their peak athleticism and ultimate versatility.