2020 Vita Winterfest, Mb

Vita, Manitoba, Canada, 10 dog, mass start, 17 miles. This was the first sled race of the 2020 season, and after pulling off the win in the 6 dog class here the previous year, we were ready and eager to throw our 8 dog string up against some deep teams of 10 here in 2020... and then it all blew up at the sound of the gun when a rambunctious young leader yanked herself away from her tender, and stripped her harness completely off in the process. Once sorted, we found ourselves left in the dust and slugging away in loose/broken snow at the back of the pack, never to recover. That's racing sometimes, folks! The result was an 11th out of 15 in what had become a 1 day contest due to a winter storm. We learned a few things that day and set our sights on some improvements/redemption in the races yet to come. As usual, the community of Vita makes you feel right at home, and we can't wait to come back again to see our friends.