2019 Bristol Dryland - 2nd, 8 Dog

Oof, our second year in a row finishing in second place in the biggest, baddest dryland race in North America, and in a class, on a course, and with 23 mph average speed that'll make you fill your pants. Pilot was on absolute fire and we had a clean and fairly fluid day 1. Day 2, we decided to swap a leader to see what that tandem could achieve. Perhaps it was my mistake, with expansive puddles of water winning the day! None the less, these athletes always thrill and I'm quite proud of their accomplishments/overall consistency. We'll be back again to see all of our friends in Quebec. LOVE racing there. This awesome team of beasts were: Pilot - Ella Noni - Blitz Selma - Hilda Griff - Megatron