2017-2018 Race Team

Central Maine Dryland Bristol Canadian Dryland Championships Sunset Ridge Dryland Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Sled Dog Race Woburn QC Valcartier QC
... Kt-2010 (F) (L)
Does not know how to retire! KT raced all fall on the A string and was willing and able to do so for the sled season as well. She will be 8 in July and still has some running to do.
... Rosalie-2012 (F) (L)
Her ability and tenacity are what make this girl special. She might not make the team next year, but it won't be for the lack of trying. This girl gives 100% every run.
... Cullen-2012 (M) (L)
Another year of leading almost every training run and being a go-to contributor to race teams.
... Harper-2014 (F) (L)
After having puppies in August, Harper missed they dryland race season, but was back in shape and leading the main team by sled race season. This girl is amazing and holds a dear place in our hearts.
... Tiki-2016 (F)
Matured into a fantastic team member. Needs work in lead, but the potential is there.
... Hayley-2016 (F)
No question this girl has a bright future. She puts more on the line than her frame suggests she can. She always has a tight tug. She is tough as rock and fast to boot. It was a pleasure to see her mature into a solid dog in her first year.
... Holden-2016 (M)
Awesome first year in harness. Was on all the A teams this year. Will spend a lot more time in lead next year.
... Casco-2016 (M) (L)
Main leader this year with Harper. He is all speed and attitude. This summer we will work on manners and focus the attitude on running.
... Vidocq-2016 (M)
V wins the most improved dog of the year. He had an injury in the fall that set him back a bit, but he came on strong by sled season and was on the main team. He was a blast to work with!
... Oakley-2016 (M)
Solid contributor to the A team. This dog has a very bright future and we can't wait to see where his talent takes him!