2016-2017 Race Team

All the dogs that raced in the 2016-2017 Dryland and on snow races. Central Maine Dryland Challenge Bristol Canadian Championships Ethan Howard Memorial Rig Race Sunset Ridge Dryland IFSS World Championships, Haliburton ON Musher's Bowl, ME Woburn, QC Laconia NH Daquuam QC Valcartier QC
... Kt-2010 (F) (L)
Made the team for most of the races this year. She missed one because of foot issues and wasn't on the A string team for the last two races because she will only run for her mom! Her 1 puppy, Tiki, will probably be the only pup we get from her. Having her around is more important than having puppies from her.
... Rosalie-2012 (F) (L)
The other half of the dangerous duo. Lead every race she was in this season. Lots of success to her credit.
... Cullen-2012 (M) (L)
Did not miss a race! All dryland, all snow!
... Endo-2008 (M) (L)
Semi-retired from racing, but did manage a few short skijor races this year. Also did some dryland races to show the rookies how it's done.
... Osprey-2010 (M)
Father: Slice
Mother: Sorry
16-17 was the last year for Osprey at Frostbite. He has retired back to K-Teris. He made every race this year and was on the A team everyone! What a boy!
... Harper-2014 (F) (L)
Every race in the 2016-17 season had Harper in lead. Awesome in harness, sweet as can be in the kennel.
... Sisu-2011 (F) (L)
Was slated to be on the World Championship team, but came up lame on the last training run before we headed north. A very slight shoulder strain was confirmed by the head race Vet, Dr. Jerry Vanek. Sisu made one day of Woburn, QC but the lack of milage due to missing Worlds really showed, so she was dropped for day 2.
... Siri-2011 (F) (L)
Was a last minute addition to the World Championship team. The milage was a little much for her and she was dropped for the third day. She was also on the team for Woburn and Laconia. S&S really excel at 4-dog. They were on the winning 4-dog team in Daquaam.
... Tiki-2016 (F)
Due to her age, Tiki was ready to do some races at puppy speeds at the end of the season. She really took to it and will be like training an adult in the fall.
... Casco-2016 (M) (L)
Race three short fun puppy speed races. Mushers Bowl Daquaam Valcartier (1-day)