Dogs In Our Kennel

... Grinder-2008 (M)
Fully retired. 100% couch potato
... Kt-2010 (F) (L)
We don't have favorites around here, but if we did...okay, that's a lie, but I digress. KT's race record is long and impressive. She has raced across New England, Quebec, Ontario and Alaska with podium placements in everything from 2-dog scooter to 8-dog sprints. She is a versatile dog and is a joy to work with. Her contributions to the team are substantial and we hope that will include her genetics in the next generation. There is so much that could be written about this dog. She is a super …
... Cullen-2012 (M) (L)
A sweet guy who can be very shy with strangers, but packs a lot of power in his little frame. He spends a lot of time up front in training and is one of (if not the) fastest leaders in the kennel. Finishing races in lead is a problem because of all those pesky spectators, so he runs in wheel and powers the team from the back.
... Harper-2014 (F) (L)
Main string leader. Eats speed for breakfast. She has super genetics and it shows.
... Tiki-2016 (F)
Beautiful build on this girl. She has matured into a large female and will be a huge asset to the team in the fall. She is a goof ball in the kennel, but is very serious about running once the harness comes out.
... Hayley-2016 (F)
Lots of promise from this girl. We look forward to her yearling year in harness. She will have to beat out some big boys for a place on the team, but we all know girls mature faster!
... Brevard-2017 (F)
Harness broke very well and is so far exactly what I wanted when I bred this litter!
... Scout-2017 (F)
Tons of potential in this girl. Spunk and attitude galore.