Dog Pearl (L)-2008

PedigreePicture Pedigree:
50 % GSP, 25% EP, 25% Alaskan Cross
Eagle Spraque

Out of Laredo x Junior. Early on, was the most impressive standout in terms of head from the litter. She wants to be in lead so bad that when she's in point, she drives out to the side to try and pass the leaders. Handlied her beautiful head with caution for the first year and a half to ensure this beauty thrived. It was worth the wait.

In her first race, ran lead in 2-dog scooter with her sister Puff at the NESDC Aurn rig race in 2009, and our time was fastest in scooter class, 47 seconds ahead of the first 2-dog bikejour winner, and tied the first place time of the 4-dog rig class for same course at a 17 mph pace.

Pearl started her 2010/11 season with a bang, leading with her sister Miss Puff to 1st place in the 4-Dog Pro Rig at both the Canadian Dryland Championships in Bristol, QC and the Fair Hill Challenge in Elkton, MD. We posted times over 20 mph at both races, and won all 4 days. She not huge like her brother Spongebob, but is 60 lbs of solid muscle, speed, and competitive racing head. She passes and chases down other teams because it's simply good fun for her. Hated letting any dogs run in front of her from the age of 5 weeks old. She and Spongebob are the best leaders in the kennel by far.