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We have fallen in love with the sport so much that living with dogs is as important to our lives as the air we breathe. To live without them would be like living without a heart. They are mirrors of the soul and I am humbled by their grace, strength, determination and passion for life on a daily basis. We have been inspired to live bravely. Our long term goals are to produce and race dogs that have a deep pedigree of proven success, are genetically sound, strong, focused, fast, well-socialized, top placing finishers. If I do choose to breed, factors I consider include in-harness ability and drive, racing performance, pedigree, intelligence, sociability, temperament and trainability. We are committed to spending equal time socializing our pack and training our racing teams. We require all of our dogs to get along well in a loose play setting.

Axle-2015 (L)Perm M

New addition. This is one leggy boy!

SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree
Hadley (L)-2009 (L)Perm
Hadley (L)-2009

our newest addition. Rummy x Piper breeding.

Has started in lead. At almost 7 months, is second largest dog in our kennel (2nd only to Spongebob). Very promising pup.

Rummy-2000Perm Piper-2004Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree
Laredo (L)-2005 (L)Perm
Laredo (L)-2005

DOB 3/17/05. Led Wendy Callis's 6 dog team in the 2008 LNAC's all three days. Finished in 6th place - 13 seconds out of 4th. Coat was too short to handle the -50 temps in interior Alaska. Rex Jones breeding.

Laredo has produced some international superstars for Eagle Sled Dogs. Three of her offspring from the Spongebob litter (Spongebob, Miss Puff, and Pearl) made up 3/4 of my Bristol Canadian Dryland Championship 2010 4-dog Gold team. Laredo was in my last years pool of 4-Dog Pro racing dogs. She trained them to gee/haw and behave in harness and made my job as a trainer much easier. She is an exceptional asset to a 4 or 6 dog pro kennel.

Laredo has a fantastic limted dog pedigree and has a tendency to throw very solid leaders. Gets along great with other dogs in a loose play setting, free drops, and is perfectly house trained.


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BaltoPerm CherokeePerm Rex Jones Pedigree
Mack Eagle-2015 (L)Perm M   SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree
Pearl (L)-2008 (L)Perm
Pearl (L)-2008

Out of Laredo x Junior. Early on, was the most impressive standout in terms of head from the litter. She wants to be in lead so bad that when she's in point, she drives out to the side to try and pass the leaders. Handling her beautiful head with caution to ensure that this beauty thrives and enjoys leading for many years to come. 58 lbs at 10 months.

Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS World Champion-2008 (L)Perm
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS Wo

The star and largest dog of the Spongebob litter (2008 Junior x Laredo breeding). Started competing with Pearl to stay up in front at 5 weeks old. Loose drops and super eager to please. 83 lbs of speed and muscle with run-through a brick wall head. Gold Medal winner at 2009 IFSS World Dryland Championships in Saguenay, QC. Incredible head and passes like a dream without even a look or command. Comes from very successful English Pointer line and many siblings placing in top 3 at IFSS Word Championship level competitions.

Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree