Group 4th - Mushers Bowl, Bridgton, ME


4th - 4-Dog Pro. Very technical, fun course where having a Danler that can carve tight turns without sliding sideways shaves time and gives the driver a good advantage (should have mine in another week or 2). On day one Pearl was so amped she pulled out of her harness 5 secdonds before I was to start and lost valuable time. On day 2 Spongebob snapped his cable dropline fighting to get to the gangline. Didn't dump the sled and had a much faster run on Day 2. I'm very pleased with this young team so far.

Day one 16:08 Day 2:

Hadley (L)-2009 (L)Perm
Hadley (L)-2009
F   Rummy-2000Perm Piper-2004Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree
Pearl (L)-2008 (L)Perm
Pearl (L)-2008
F   Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS World Champion-2008 (L)Perm
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS Wo
M   Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree