Group 4-6 Dog Limited Class Dogs


Limited sprints.

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Axle-2015 (L)Perm M   SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree
Hadley (L)-2009 (L)Perm
Hadley (L)-2009

our newest addition. Rummy x Piper breeding.

Has started in lead. At almost 7 months, is second largest dog in our kennel (2nd only to Spongebob). Very promising pup.

Rummy-2000Perm Piper-2004Perm Heather Brannen Pedigree
Mack Eagle-2015 (L)Perm M   SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS WoPerm Hadley (L)-2009Perm Christina Eagle Pedigree
Pearl (L)-2008 (L)Perm
Pearl (L)-2008

VERY tough head. Has to be out in front. Junior x Laredo pup,

Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS World Champion-2008 (L)Perm
SpongeBob Squarepants (L) - IFSS Wo

The star and largest dog of the Spongebob litter (2008 Junior x Laredo breeding). Started competing with Pearl to stay up in front at 5 weeks old. Loose drops and super eager to please. 83 lbs of speed and muscle with run-through a brick wall head. Gold Medal winner at 2009 IFSS World Dryland Championships in Saguenay, QC. Incredible head and passes like a dream without even a look or command. Comes from very successful English Pointer line and many siblings placing in top 3 at IFSS Word Championship level competitions.

Sire: Junior 2005, 67lbs, owned by Jessica Doherty. 50% English Pointer, 50% Alaskan husky. Bred by T&B Streeper out of Crazy x Zazz. Jessica says "Junior is an exceptional dog & leader with the best head she's seen in 22 years". He is out of Crazy, a known producer of hard headed leaders. Several littermates are also running on the Streepers main team, including 2008 Fur Rondy & ONAC.

2005, 56 lbs, from very large lines, owned by Christina Eagle and Quentin Sprague. 50% German Shorthair Pointer, 25% English Pointer, 25%Alaskan husky. Bred by Rex Jones out of Balto x Cherokee. Led all three days for Wendy Callis in the 2008 LNAC's.

Junior-2005Perm Laredo (L)-2005Perm Eagle Spraque Pedigree