In loving memory of dogs who have passed away. These were some of the most influential dogs in our kennel and will be sorely missed.

Brussels-2006 (L)Perm

Brussels was probably the fastest dog we ever raced, never found his top speed and he had a perfectly tight line up to 22mph. Was the main race leader for most of his life, leading us to many top five finishes all over the state of Alaska. Usually ran with his half-brother Edmonton because he intimidated everyone else!

Hearsay-2002Perm Dinah-1999Perm CALLIS Pedigree
Dinah-1999 (L)Perm

Dinah was an incredible producer for us, throwing many litters of exeptional pups. She threw big, powerful dogs with tons of speed, great gaits and the ability to run anything from 6-dog to open class. Two of our fastest leaders ever were her pups. She was a great dog and will be very much missed.

Mike-1994Perm Angie-1998Perm TAYLORS Pedigree
Edmonton-2004 (L)Perm

Truly an exceptional athlete, extremely fast and consistent for many years on the main team. Absolutely perfect gait and never got tired. Definitely one of the very best we have ever bred and he was the main leader with Brussels for most of his life.

Navy-2001Perm Dinah-1999Perm CALLIS Pedigree
Friar Tuck-1999 (L)Perm
Friar Tuck-1999

Friar Tuck was one of our all time best leaders, never hurt or sick, ran lead almost every run for his entire life and loved it. Hated to run in the team. He would pass anything and was rock solid in every race he ran. One of the few all-Alaskan Huskies we had that could keep up with the pointers.

Champ-1991Perm Reba-1994Perm CALLIS Pedigree
FRILLE-1996 (L)Perm

Frille passed away in her sleep on November 14th, 2007. She will be greatly missed.

Frille was purchased from Ole Petter Engli in 2001. She was his main leader and raced in lead in his LNAC and IFSS team, placing 4th and 5th against some of the best teams in the world.
Frille had three wonderful litters of pups for us, two by Dollar and one by Odin. Her pups have all been excellent dogs, mostly leaders. She produced many of our main leaders, some of which we still have and others who have passed away or gone to other mushers. Navy, Lavender, Flora, Hearsay and Slander were some of the best ones that we raced a lot in lead.

Thomas-1991Perm Tiril-1991Perm Ole Petter ENGLI Pedigree
Hart-2001 (L)Perm

Hart passed away in 2015 at nearly 14 years of age. She was the best junior dog around and led countless kids around the two and three dog class. Gracie's special dog, she will be greatly missed.

SVARTEN-1996Perm Spruce-1997Perm CALLIS Pedigree
Lavender-2001 (L)Perm

Lavender was a wheel dog for her first several years of life, couldn't be run anywhere else. Then one season, we tried her in lead and she did great! After that she ran lead with her brother Navy almost every heat of every race for several seasons. Those two made a great pair and led us to many top five finishes. Lavender was also one of our sweetest dogs, she would have loved to be a house dog (and did spend a lot of time in there!)

Dollar-1998Perm FRILLE-1996Perm CALLIS Pedigree
Navy-2001 (L)Perm

Navy was the last of our original Dollar pups, the first pointer crosses we ever bred. His whole litter was outstanding, but Navy was a head and shoulders above the rest, racing nearly every heat of every race in lead from his yearling season until age 8. Super, super hard driving and fast, he could speed up a team on his own and absolutely hated going slow. He was one of those dogs that is nearly impossible to find another leader to replace him in a lifetime.

Dollar-1998Perm FRILLE-1996Perm CALLIS Pedigree
Robin Hood-1999 (L)Perm
Robin Hood-1999

Passed away on January 3rd, 2007

Robin Hood was another exceptional dog out of this breeding. Hard driving leader who always gave 110% and had plenty of speed. A bit simple-minded at times, but was a great dog.

Champ-1991Perm Reba-1994Perm CALLIS Pedigree
SVARTEN-1996 (L)Perm

Svarten passed away in December of 2009 at 13 years of age. He will be greatly missed.

One of our two foundation pointer crosses, Svarten was definitely one of our favorites. He was a wheel dog for Ole Petter Engli, but ended up being an outstanding leader, raced and trained up there a lot for us. Super fast and hard working with nearly flawless conformation, he was a special dog. His pups were exceptional and made up a large portion of our team for many years, he threw pups with awesome temperaments and a very high precentage of leaders.

Thomas-1991Perm Tiril-1991Perm Ole Petter ENGLI Pedigree
Tiko-2007 (L)Perm

Tiko was an excellent leader with a lot of endurance, attitude and a level headed personality, steady and focused whether in training or at races. She was the main race and training leader for several years before spending the last few years of her life training puppies and junior mushers. She produced many super puppies for us, three litters of big, nice gaited dogs that love to run with a high percentage of leaders. Her two sons, Lacrae and Thousand Foot Krutch are two of the best leaders we've ever raised. She will be greatly missed, one of Beth's favorite dogs.

Vick-2003Perm Happy-1998Perm Jason and Amy Dunlap Pedigree

Valentine passed away in 2015 due to old age, she was Beth's pet dog for her entire life as well as being a sled dog, she enjoyed living in the house chasing popcorn and sleeping next to the woodstove in her golden years.

SVARTEN-1996Perm Spruce-1997Perm CALLIS Pedigree

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