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Callis Racing Kennels is a mid-sized competitive sprint racing kennel located near Fairbanks, Alaska. Currently the mushers consist of mother/daughter team Wendy and Beth Callis, as well as Beth's siblings Gracie and Evie on occasion. Brother Evans also raced as a junior musher. Wendy's husband Nate does not run the dogs, but provides vital support for the racing team. Our team has raced in just about every class over the years, with most of our races in the 8/10 dog and open classes. In 2019 Wendy successfully completed her first Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship and followed it up with a top 15 finish in 2020.

In addition to our racing schedule, we also promote the sport by giving demonstrations, rides and kennel tours throughout the year free of charge to people who have not had a chance to experience the thrill of running sled dogs. We have given rides to a diverse group of people, with visitors from Mexico, Ethiopia, England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Thailand, France, Canada, and all across the United States.

We typically try to keep the kennel numbers around 30 dogs. Our kennel success is dependent upon the relationship with each and every dog in the team, so we never keep more dogs than we can develop a close individual bond.

Our dogs are mostly Alaskan Husky/German Shorthaired Pointer crosses from our own bloodlines, as well as Ellis/Lundberg, Kokrine, Taylor and many other top mushing bloodlines.

Over 40 years experience racing sled dogs across Alaska and parts of Canada!

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