Dogs In Our Kennel

Dogs In Our Kennel
... Jaana-2009 (F) (L)
**Main Race Leader** **2011-2012** 2nd - 2 Dog Bikejoring - Dirty Dog Dryland Derby **2010-2011** 2nd - 2 Dog Bikejoring 3rd - 10 Dog Pro - Willow Springs Round Barn Sled Dog Rally 3rd - 10 Dog Pro - Pine River Run 4th - 2 Dog Scooter - East Meets West Dryland Championships 6th - 8 Dog Pro - Kalkaska Winterfest **2009-2010** 4th - 4 Dog Sport - Snowflake Sprint Classic
... Turbo-2012 (M)
Loves to run and will do anything you ask him to do.
... Domino-2013 (F) (L)
Domino has striking blue eyes and a great confirmation, light boned, long back, and long legs, tough feet. Raced 10 Dog in Kalkaska and Open Class in Idaho and is a great speed leader in training.
... Jett-2013 (F)
Jett shows leader potential and is a good sized female close to 50lbs. All black with striking blue eyes.
... Joan-2010 (F) (L)
Primarily a ride dog. Raced 8 Dog Class in Idaho 2016.
... Skid-2015 (M) (L)
Hard left leader super fast with hard drive.
... Tesla-2015 (F)
Fast little female runs well with her sister Sister at wheel.