Skinny Leg Sleddogs was founded by Spencer and Brett Bruggeman January 2013. The name is in reference to Spencers birth defect which caused one leg to atrophy. This led Spencer to search for alternative sports and by fate he and his Dad, Brett, became mushers. Skinny Leg Sleddogs is a family affair with all the work, training, and care completed by Brett and his 3 sons Spencer, Chase, and Brandon. The mother of this crew serves as chief photographer and PR representative. Doug Swingley and Jessie Royer have been our mentors and coaches and are a major reason for a kennels success in such a short time period. Our kennel is devoted to developing talented athletes that compete at top levels in sprint, mid, and long distance races. The foundation lines we have selected to accomplish this are Swingley and Joee Redington. Please follow our races and adventures on Facebook at Skinny Leg Sleddogs.