On A Paw & A Prayer K9 Sports

On a Paw & a Prayer Kennel officially got underway in 2008. OPP is a small kennel for both sprint racing, weight pulling, Rally, & other dog sports - Alaskan Huskies, Alaskan Pointers, Saint Bernard & an eclectic crew of others.

MUSHING Team OPP has won the Chugiak Dog Mushers Association's Business Person's Race for the past 2 years ('08/'09) and Musher YO is currently the 3x reigning champ of the CDMA Biz Person's Race ('07). Team OPP provided a team for the Biz Person race in 2010 and came in 4th out of 26 racers.

Team OPP is currently entering 3, 4 and 6 dog sprint races. Recreationally mushing 8 dog team.

MUSHING 2010-2011 Stats Racing season curtailed a bit for the kennel. CDMA Bus Person Race - 9th place. Driver was Robert Haus (R). Team consisted of Borax and Sage in lead with Polo in wheel. ASDRA Tudor Rd Bingo - 4th place - 6 dog, 6 mi ASDRA Exxon-Mobil - 10th place - 4 dog, 6 mi

WEIGHT PULLING 2010-2011 Stats Animal Food Warehouse - Eamon - 3rd - 1480# in 34.07 secs Willow Winter Carnival - Eamon - 3rd - 1820# in 14.52 secs Fur Rondy World Championships - Eamon - 4th place - 1190# in 13 secs

OPP would like to recognize & thank Paul Wood of Arctic Unbound kennels in Wasilla for his mentorship.

CONFORMATION Eamon earned his CH in 2011 and his GCH in 2012. He received his CGC in 2012, as well.

Germo received his CGC in 2012 & his RN title in 2013 & his CGCA in 2016. He is a registered Therapy dog & has his Novice Rally title too. Scrat has her CGCA & Sligo is working on his.

BARNHUNT Mayo has his BH instinct title & his Novice & is nearly complete on his Advanced. Germo is trying his paw @ it too.


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