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Noatak Kennel winter 2021

Kennel owned by Jacques, Florian & Magali Philip and located between Fairbanks and Nenana.

We used to compete in all type of races Sprint, Stage Races and Long Distance, we bred dogs most suited for mid distance and stage racing.

We now own 9 Alaskan Huskies only. We also have one Leonberger and one medium poodle.

Now we are mainly retired from professional racing, Jacques and Florian race in skijoring races.

Florian in March 2019 at the Nenana skijor race (with BB8 and Aviva)

Florian in March 2020 at the Nenana skijor race (with BB8 and Aviva)

Summit our new puppy coming from Joe Bifelt kennel

Soleil our last guest


Florian's 2022 Lekkarod
Noatak Kennels
Alpirod 1993 - Byron
Noatak Kennels
Denali Climb
Noatak Kennels
Cabin Trail Breaking
Noatak Kennels


BB-8 and Florian

Hi there, My name is BB-8. Someone found me roaming in the streets of Nenana and brought me to Jacques and Magalis Noatak Kennels. They were not going to keep me at first, but luckily, Florian did not want me to go away and I stayed there. I don't know …

Byron, Best Leader of All Times

Byron was the best leader I ever had. He was born from an accidental breeding between a siberian husky and a female from Joe Redington Sr. He ran the Iditarod 5 times, won the Alpirod 3 times and the Kobuk 440 one time. He was a very versatile dog. After …

Florian skijoring in Nenana

2020 Florian skijoring in Nenana with BB8 and Aviva. Florian loves to skijor. He races in local races but also raced in France in March 2019 at the Lekkarod.