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Alva-2012 (L)Perm

I'm selling my 2 young dogs. They deserve to be with a top race team and not sitting in my yard with my old, retired dogs. Alva would never be for sale if I was still racing. He is as powerful as 2 dogs. Beautiful built neutered male. He runs a nice lead, good eater and is one of the top pups I have ever raised. To a competitive home $600

Strider-2004Perm Goon-2007Perm Pedigree
Bassett-2003 (L)Perm
F   Fungus-1996Perm Tango-1999Perm Don & August Galloway Pedigree
Breckenridge-2009 (L)Perm
F   Spoticus-2008Perm Ellie-2006Perm Maggie Heilmann Pedigree
Ellie-2006 (L)Perm
F   Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Lily-2006 (L)Perm
F   Elrond-2004Perm Heron-2003Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Okie-2012 (L)Perm

Wow. Words can't describe this dog. She is out of the best breeding I have done. Goon x Strider. This is one amazing dog. She will run double or single lead flawlessly. ALWAYS driving, always eats, never stops running in her circle. She needs to be bred with the right male to continue this line. I can honestly say she has to be the best dog I have had in my kennel. She would never, ever, be for sale if I was still racing. I can't have a dog this nice sitting around with a few other older dogs. To a top competitive kennel only please. $1000

Strider-2004Perm Goon-2007Perm Maggie & Peter Heilmann Pedigree
Spoticus-2008 (L)Perm
M   Potter-2005Perm Clitian-1996Perm Dave Turner Pedigree
Sterling-2008Perm M   Trott-2001Perm Reva-2004Perm Don & August Galloway Pedigree

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