Group 2008 Beargrease 150-15th place

1st time running this. The dogs were great. They really enjoyed the hills. The two yearling had sore shoulders at the last check point so I didn't want to push them, so I dropped them. Main leader Wooley had a swollen hock, and I decided to run him, it was a slow painful run into Tofte.

Bassett-2003 (L)Perm F Fungus-1996Perm Tango-1999Perm Don & August Galloway Pedigree
Cheddar-2005 (L)Perm F BINGO-1997Perm Robin-1995Perm Galloway Don & August Pedigree
Ellie-2006 (L)Perm F Ceaser-1996Perm Hurricane-2001Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree
Lily-2006 (L)Perm F Elrond-2004Perm Heron-2003Perm Pete & Sharon Curtice Pedigree

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