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  • alt textD.O.B June 2014 Hector is my main mass start Gee Haw leader who is very STRONG powerful with a tone of focused drive. As a 4 year old he will be going into the 2018/2019 season rock solid.

    RACES 2016 - Loon Lake SK 1st Place Finish(lead) Meadow Lake SK 2nd Place Finish (lead) PA SK 1st Place Finish (lead) 2017 - Bristol QC 9th place Scooter Class(lead) Winter - 6 dog Didsbury AB 1st Place Finish (lead) Preeceville, SK 2nd Place Finish (lead) Meadow Lake SK 1st Place Finish (lead) 2018 - Porcupine Plains SK 2nd Place Finish (lead) Alberta Oil sands Sled Dog Classic - 2nd Place Finish Loon Lake SK 2nd Place Finish Fall Storm the Castle Dryland Derby - 1 dog scooter- 2nd place Finish Run A way Dryland Derby - 1 dog scooter- (Leant to a friend who could not run day two) Bristol , QC - 4dog rig - 10 Place Finish 2019 winter Unfortunately a injury that occurred in a horrible accident creeped up and shortened my boys season. He did get to stretch for Prince Alberta SK in the four dog after most of the winter off placing 4th.

    2020-- Hector is back... can't keep good dogs down!!!


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