Reese-2019 (F)
  • Hector-2014 (L) E. Streeper
  • Koa-2016 (L) M. Hartum
  • Generations
    Pedigree 3 4 5
    Picture Pedigree 3 4 5
  • DOB: June 8, 2019

    Reese is a very nice sized female with great drive and focus in harness. She's showing great promise towards becoming a reliable lead dog. She's slightly soft headed and takes some time to come around to new situations, but I expect this should become less of an issue as she matures and gets use to more things. 

    She loves to work hard, uphills are her favourite. She keeps a good pace but she doesn't particularily push for speed. Birds are our nemisis. She keeps contemplating leaving the road to go chase them, she hasn't yet... but she thinks about it. 


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