Jaana - 2009(L)
Deb And Steve Serbousek
Jaana started running lead at 11 months and hasn't looked back since. She has great drive and motivation as does her littermate Ari. 2011-2012 2nd - 2 Dog Bikejoring - …
Snap - 2004
Steve And Deb Serbousek
Rebel - 2001
Steve And Deb Serbousek
Club German Hunting
Raven - 1996(L)
Curtis And Shannon Erhart
Lakota - 2002
Steve And Deb Serbousek
Fox - 2000
Steve And Deb Serbousek
Eddy And Amy Streeper
Sammi - 2003(L)
Roy Smith
Rapid - 2000(L)
A. Reynolds
Mike - 1994(L)
Egil Ellis
Gisken - 1998(L)
Ev Beeter
Rumors - 2002(L)
J. Mulvey
Jerry Mulvey
Minnie - 1998
Reynolds Raitto