Dog Pride-2000

PedigreePicture Pedigree:
28.125% GSP, 3.125% EP, 68.75% AH
Terry & Buddy Streeper

Main stud for many years at Streeper Kennels. Father of many top dogs, and top studs.

Out of the superstar litter Mike x Candy. 5 of 6 started ONAC. Siblings Tim, Reba, Vince, Gill.

From Musing Magazine July/Aug 2007: "Pride: 6 years old, 45lb. Oldest male on the team. He is the best male our kennel has ever raced in recent years. He has completed every major race I have run in the last 4 or 5 years, including the 2003 season where we went undefeated winning 21 straight. He was also part of the winning stage racing team ? both the AttaBoy 300, the Wyoming Stage Stop and the AttaBoy the following year. He has incredible speed. This is our best performing stuff, which also relates to our best producing stud. He comes from the line of Mike, Ellis? former leader and Candy who is from our yard, she also raced the ONAC. He is a bit of a stockier male with a bigger chest and shorter back. He has a different gait than the rest of my dogs, a slightly shorter gait, but it doesn?t slow him down at all. In fact I had him loose the other day and he and another dog got chasing a bird and ended up pretty far back. He ended up racing another dog who was 4 yrs younger than him, (a quick dog) and Pride out-ran this dog. He runs in any position in the team, although I have never run him in lead, but he has run point. He is very good at correcting himself. He is an invisible dog on the team. You don?t need too many super stars, I would take a dog like Pride anytime."