10/2014 - We are taking the 2014 dryland and 2015 winter seasons off as our baby girl will be coming soon - due mid- October.

3/2014 - Our 2014 season is over and the dogs again impressed winning both races we entered, the 6-Dog Laconia World Championship and Daquaam, QC, setting a new track record in Daquaam. They had very little training this year for various reasons, they are just phenomenal dogs and we are so lucky to have them.

3/21/2013 - We are back from our Alaskan adventure with 2 amazing wins...we are so proud of our team, who showed they have what it takes even when the chips are down.

Gold Medal ~ IFSS World Championship 6-Dog Class with close to a four minute lead after 3 days of racing. I was especially proud that the team pulled off a 22 mph average pace the last 2 days.

1st place 6-Dog Class ~ Limited North American Championship with track records all 3 days. This race was unreal. The dogs went out and repeated what they had done at the World Championships even in 43F temperatures.

See the Blog on this site for a detailed look into our Alaska Trip. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Doherty Racing Sleddogs is a competitive limited class sled and dryland sprint team owned by Jessica Doherty & Brian Weir. We are located in Central New York, near the Tug Hill Plateau. We typically aim to compete at the World Class level.

We pride ourselves on having very hard-working sprint-style dogs that excel in any trail condition. Although our dogs are fast, they are equally good on hard working trails. Jessica is especially interested in and focused on analyzing canine behavior and genetics. We also lean toward holistic health care both for humans and canines.

We focus on developing our dogs to perform at their highest ability by using positive reinforcement and setting our dogs up for success in each training initiative. "The Devil is in the Details" is our motto when it comes to training, conditioning & caring for our canine athletes. Some years we focus more on Dryland Events than Sled Racing, depending on work schedules and winter training conditions.

Our dogs are all crossbreeds that are derived from World Champions in different disciplines of the sport. Some of our dogs we have purchased and others we have bred ourselves. Most of our dogs have a considerable amount of German Shorthaired Pointer and English Pointer in them, with lesser amounts of Alaskan Husky. We also have Greysters, which are a mix of Greyhound and German Shorthaired Pointer. All pedigrees, breed % and details can be viewed under Kennel and the individual dog pages.

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Eli, Tim, Rose, Lefty, Dean and Emma on the last stretch to winning the IFSS 6-Dog World Championship in North Pole, Alaska 2013

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Tim, Jolene, Dean and Wheels winning the 4-Dog Event at Bristol Canadian Dryland Championships 2012. Photo by Nathalie Fortier.

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Eli, Ada, Emma, Lefty and Rose winning the 6-Dog Event at Bristol Canadian Dryland Championships 2012. Photo by Sonia Gosselin.

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Jolene when she was just 12 months old