Dog Carlos-2015

PedigreePicture Pedigree:
40%GSP 35%AH 25%Greyh
Jessica Doherty

June 2017 - I want to find an active pet or sport home for Carlos. He is an awesome fella - personable, friendly, willing to please, ready for action. He has a great character. He will be 2 in Aug and is about 55lbs. Will be about 60 when fully grown, is going through a growth spurt now. He is 40% German Shorthaired Pointer, 25% Greyhound, 35% Alaskan Husky. He has tons of drive and ready to do many activities with someone. Likely an awesome lure coursing dog or other sport type. He requires a grain-free diet as he has some form of grain allergy that affects his gut. Because of this, he is not quite suited to the life of competitive sled-dog that he was bred for. He is a real good boy, listens very well, great with children and has been good with all of our other dogs. He needs some manners and house training to be a house dog but is crate trained. Please contact me with questions. I will advise on feeding and diet. We have a special bond with him but know there is a better scenario out there for him. I will post pictures on Facebook.