Out Of Kennel

Gather the dogs who left us
... Flexvya's Peps-1996 (M) (L)
died in November 2010. He was a key dog bringing high spirit in the kennel. We like to keep back his qualities in our breeding program. A true Jan and Lollo Swenson's dog. We find the same kind of dog with Marco.
... Nippon-2003 (M) (L)
He died very suddenly in January 2014, after a cerebral stroke. hopefully I bred him once more with Missa, and I'm sure Cade and Chrome 's littermates will be as good as their big brothers and sisters. RIP my darling Nippon.
... Jerry-2006 (M) (L)
Very nice dog, one of my main leader, he was not so good with the directions but now it's OK and he is even very good. Plus, he puts the team at high speed for the whole trail. Will breed him soon. dead in october 2018, RIP my dear amazing Jerry
... Cadmium (Cade)-2008 (F) (L)
Cade was a real true leader. She was just awesome. she was an outstanding female. One of our best for 35 years of mushing. She produced with Marco an incredible bunch of puppies : The K@ (Kerels, Kriek, Kronen, Kastar,Kruger, ....) She unhappilly died on June 2013, bitten by a viper. it's a great loss and we will try not to loose the outstanding gene stock. So a new breeding between Nippon and Missa is forecasted ASAP
... Marco-2007 (M)
Beautiful male with a lot of energy. Very interesting one! Marco is a bit crazy like all Nassi's pups. He has rare will, he is always motivated for everything, except to be quiet. Very nice male, he is one of our stud now. He has done with Cade a beautiful litter of 9 pups : the K@ dogs. The breeding Marco with "Missa x Nippon's" daughter have been done for the 3rd time with the M@ litter. died january 2019
... Victor-2011 (M) (L)
Victor died very suddenly in february 2016. This dog was so amazing,he gave me so much, at never in my heart!