Even though anyone can browse pages in WKS, you need to be a member to take an active part in the community, like posting comments, posting in the a forum...


You become a member by filling the Registration form
Note that your email address will be verified as a link will be sent to you by email to activate your account.
Registration is entirely free.
Once you are registered, you can post comments and post in a forum. However, you cannot take part to any kennel administration, to do this, you can either have someone give you some kennel administration privileges on their kennel if you don't want to create you own kennel or create your own kennel.

Getting kennel administration privileges

A kennel owner can give another member 3 kinds of privileges:

  • AdminKennel to administer the whole kennel
  • AdminDogs to administer dogs, groups...
  • AdminBlog to administer bolg posts
  • AdminImages to administer images and sets

To give someone one of the permissions, you need their Userame, and you go to your kennel admin page, where you can enter the Username and select the permission you want to give:

alt text

After you add the permission, it appears above with a link to remove it:

alt text

Creating your own kennel

The most common way to get admin permissions is to create your own kennel.

As long as an account does not own a kennel, there is a "Create my Kennel" link on top of the pages.
That link take you to the Kennel administration page where you can create the kennel.
The only field that requires a little explanation is the Identifier field.
This is the name used by WKS for the urls of your kennel.
By default, WKS with use the kennel name, replacing the non url friendly characters by dashes. For example if your kennel name is My Kennel, WKS will use my-kennel by default and you kennel url will be:
If you want, you can provide your own identifier that may be different from the kennel name, but it has to be unique within the whole system, otherwise, WKS will append a number at the end to make it unique.

The same applies to identifiers for dog, posts, images, groups and events except that the uniqueness rule only applies within your kennel because the url of a dog includes the kennel identifier, so dogs with the same identifier can be located in a unique way for different kennels.

Once you created your kennel, you can give other members permissions as seen in the previous paragraph and mostly you can start administering it.

PRO and free accounts

When you first create your kennel, you have a free account, later if you want to you can upgrade to a PRO account for a registration fee.
Note that for a limited time after the introduction of the new version of WKS, the limitations on free accounts will not be enforced.

Here are the differences:

Free account

  • The number of items you can create is limited to 100.
    Items include dogs, images, posts and events.
  • The new or updated items do not appear on the front page of the site or the main RSS feed off the site.
    However, they appear on the kennel's pages and RSS feeds.

PRO account

  • The number of items you can create is limited to 1000 at first, but if you legitimately need more, you can contact us to get more at no charge.
  • The new or updated items do appear on the front page of the site or the main RSS feed off the site.
    This is a great exposure as the front page is the one that gets the most visitors.
  • In the kennel listing, the PRO kennels appear in bold and are associated with a PRO icon:
  • The PRO icon is also displayed in every kennel page of the account.

Subscriptions for PRO accounts

Subscriptions for WKS are yearly based and currently $107.45.
Note that this price has not changed in 6 years and that there is currently no advertising on the site other than the ones members have on their pages.
In respect to that that, please read the Terms of service to find out what is acceptable or not to post on the site.

If you subscription expires, you go back to a free account, but if you have more than 100 items in the system here is what happens:

  • You can still access your admin interface to delete or edit items.
  • You cannot add any items.
  • Your kennel pages are not displayed anymore and your kennel is not listed until you delete items so that you get back under 100 or you renew your subscription.

You can subscribe with automatic renewal with Paypal by clicking on the following button:

Or you can subscribe for just one year at a time with Paypal by clicking on the following button:

You can unsubscribe from a recurrent subscription by clicking on the following button: