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==DOGS FOR SALE== - Pro Kennel Team Upland Calumet, Michigan, US 2019-02-15
Dogs For Sale - Pro Kennel HARTUM RACING KENNEL Tofield, Alberta, CA 2019-02-15
DOGS FOR SALE!!!!!!! - Pro Kennel Coyote Run Sled Dog Kennel Gaylord, Michigan, US 2019-02-11
Dogs for sale - Pro Kennel Chenil Pixiun Kennel St-Denis de Brompton, Quebec, CA 2019-02-10
**It's Hard to Beat a Mackey Dog- Dogs For Sale** - Pro Kennel Mackey's Alaskan Distance Dogs Two Rivers, Alaska, US 2019-02-09
Dogs For Sale - Pro Kennel The Good Dog Ranch Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, CA 2019-02-04
***DOGS FOR SALE*** - Pro Kennel Run Silent Racing Kennel Ignace, Ontario, CA 2019-01-23
FOR SALE - Pro Kennel Aniscar Kennel Penacook, New Hampshire, US 2019-01-09
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Alpine Adventures Racing Leadville, Colorado, US 2018-11-12
***Dogs for sale*** - Pro Kennel Chenil d'Aiguebelle Kennel Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, CA 2018-10-28
DOGS FOR SALE - Pro Kennel Callis Racing Kennel Fairbanks, Alaska, US 2018-10-18
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Nature's Kennel MCMILLAN, Michigan, US 2018-08-17
WORLD CHAMPION- DOGS FOR SALE - Pro Kennel Streeper Kennels Fort Nelson, British Columbia, CA 2018-08-10
Dogs For Sale - Pro Kennel Elevation Dogs Bezanson, Alberta, CA 2018-08-04
For Sale some great dogs !! - Pro Kennel Kelly Jo's Solitaire Atlantic Mine, Michigan, US 2018-05-29
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Campbells Racing Sled Dogs melfort, Saskatchewan, CA 2018-04-21
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Highland Kennel Ester, Alaska, US 2018-04-08
DOGS for SALE - Pro Kennel Taylor Racing Kennels Hay River, Northwest Territories, CA 2018-02-12
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Bath Racing Kennel Lander, Wyoming, US 2017-11-21
Dogs for sale - Pro Kennel Raising Chaos Fairbanks, Alaska, US 2017-04-26
DOGS FOR SALE!!! - Pro Kennel Endurance Kennels LLC Duluth, Minnesota, US 2017-04-25
Dogs For Sale - Pro Kennel Magnusson Racing LLC Brownstown, Michigan, US 2016-06-14
Dogs for Sale - Pro Kennel Stoney Creek Kennels Tofte, Minnesota, US 2016-03-09
For sale - Pro Kennel TETZNER RACING FARM Burg, Schleswig-Holstein, DE 2015-02-01
**** Dogs for Sale **** - Pro Kennel Dustin Kendall Racing Lehi, Utah, US 2013-07-14
== DOGS FOR SALE = - Pro Kennel Noatak Kennels Nenana, Alaska, US 2012-11-12
dog for sale - Pro Kennel Chenil des Thibaudeau St-Georges, Quebec, CA 2012-11-03
Dogs for sale - Pro Kennel Team Galloway Markham, Minnesota, US 2011-06-27
*Dogs For Sale* - Pro Kennel Eagle Sled Dogs Osborn, Maine, US 2010-12-25
Gear for sale - Pro Kennel Noatak Kennels Nenana, Alaska, US 2010-04-28