Whiteout Racing Kennel Llc

Whiteout Racing Kennel LLC is owned and run by Christina Gibson. Age twenty she's been training and racing sled dogs for seven seasons, and has competed in the Pacific Northwest, Inland Northwest, Rocky Mountain States, and Alaska. Whiteout Racing Kennel is Dedicated to Happy, Healthy, and Fast Dogs, and strives to stand for honest and quality dog care and racing. Christina aims to produce a top competitive team racing at 100-300 miles. Christina's team has raced in numerous mid distance races competitively, and completed the 2018 Junior Iditarod. The teams short term goals include the Wyoming Stage Stop, and the Yukon Quest 300.

"Dogs first. Always."

I hope to produce highly competitive Alaskan Huskies that are of sound conformation and mind, biddable to work with, and top athletes. Quality over quantity.


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