Jackie-2012 (F) (L)
  • Jack M. Hartum
  • Tide-2003 E. Lanser
  • Generations
    Pedigree 3 4 5
    Picture Pedigree 3 4 5
  • DOB: August 1, 2012

    Jackie is demanding, and quite smart. She can be a bit annoying to other dogs which sometimes gets her into trouble. She is slow to adjust to change and can be flighty about people and things that scare her. Jackie has been an exceptional lead dog since the beginning and almost all her fear melts away when she's in harness. As a yearling she was already leading ten dog teams on training runs, after that she went on to lead my sister's recreational four dog team, and competed in a few races with that team. In 2015 I moved in with my sister and Jackie and I grew very attached. My sister was thinking of down sizing any ways and so when I moved out in 2017 Jackie came with me.

    In October 2018 she and Juno ran in two dog scooter at the Run-A-Way dryland Derby where we got 3rd.

    2019 We were back at Run-A-Way but this time in the four dog class, Jackie led both days. Overall we came in second.

    In February 2020 We tried our first mass start sled race in PA. Jackie led with Comanche for the first 3/4 of the race before I dropped her back to wheel (There were lot of snowmobiles and they were weirding her out) 

    2020-2021 season Jackie is starting to slow down, and is slowly moving off the team. These days she mostly just heads out for slow and easy bikejor runs and walks. 


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