5a. 2005 The Pas Mainitoba, World Champions.

FIRST KENNEL IN HISTORY OF SLED DOG RACING TO HAVE WON EVERY MAJOR WORLD SPRINT RACING CHAMPIONSHIP. 3-34 mile heats. 10 dog limit. included are our 2, ten dog teams, and winning six dog team.
... Pride-2000 (M)
1st More victories and race finishes then any other active male in our yard. Extreme sprint, to , stage race victories, Pride has evolved into the most dependable racing male our yard has seen in recent years. His incredible speed is matched with total focus and effortless endurance. Pride's legacy will live strong, he is a top producing stud with many fine offspring emerging
... Iris-1998 (F) (L)
Mother: Unknown
4th leader
... Friendly-2002 (F) (L)
4th leader Natural born LEADER. Many great attributes Friendly offers, notably leader speed, self-confidence, heads up smarts and a real "friendly" attitude. She is a proven winning leader and has shown she can make the distance while finishing 150 mile races.
... Julie-2002 (F) (L)
1st Julie has developed into an outstanding sled dog. She has a smooth efficient run which makes for endless endurance. As a 2 year old she competed in some of sprint racing's most challenging competitions, and proved herself as a keynote for our racing goals. Julie will be pushed harder this season, as she has demonstrated leader potential and smarts. I will enjoy working this beautiful sled dog.