2007 Our Top Yearlings In The The Kennel

These are the yearlings that will fill out our 3rd open team and 10 dog teams for the 2008 Canadian Open-
... Gwen-2006 (F)
Nice working larger female- honest team dog- very fast.
... Blondie-2006 (F)
larger female- honest team dog- very fast-
... Dolly-2006 (F)
larger female- hard driving- very fast-
... Susan-2006 (F)
light on her feet- smooth running -swing dog-
... Oprah-2006 (F)
Larger female- runs very honest and focused- hard driving
... Owen-2006 (M)
Larger male- lots of speed- leader potential.
... Otto-2006 (M)
Hard driviing- honets- runs well with all dogs- had run in lead nad is all business.
... Irma-2006 (M)
Natural leader- if this girl is half the dog her mom is- she will be outstanding
... Smoothie-2006 (F)
smooth running point dog- nice size- and attitude
... Echo-2006 (M)
smaller male- runs well near front of team-