2007 Breedings.

Our 2007 list of bred females.
... Iris-1998 (F) (L)
Mother: Unknown
One of the top leaders of all time. Possibly the fastest dog to run out of our kennel. Outstanding longevity, with a win each of the last 7 season. Bred to Pride, with hopes of throwning pups like the mom. april. 12th.
... Penny-1997 (F) (L)
Mother: Unknown
bred to Buck.
... Dime-2003 (F)
pups born june 10th. 8pups- 5 males. Dime is a proven team member, 2 season on main team, races very hard, and is one of my fastest free running females. Good eater, good feet, good record. Bred to Bill Kornmullers main leader, Marvin.
... Myia-2003 (F) (L)
July 30th. ONAc winning leader. bred ot pride. may 30.
... Mimi-1998 (F) (L)
pups august 5th. ONAC leader. perfomance tested. bred to Danny. june 1st
... D2-2006 (F) (L)
pups- - August. 7th. bred to OTTO- (mimi x Bingo 2006)
... Ammon-2005 (F)
Father: Unknown
pups July 21 Bred to Otto.