1a. Breedings 2008

The breedings of 2008- The whos, who- of unlimited open class racing females. Breedings from the fastest unlimted class racing team in history (2007)- will make the next record breaking team(2011).
... Iris-1998 (F) (L)
Mother: Unknown
Iris x Lyle ( Helen x Tuffy) Both Parents have won the RONDY and ONAC. pups - June 15 a colorful litter...
... Julie-2002 (F) (L)
Bred to Danny ( Dee X Pride) Both parents have won multiple RONDY's and ONAC. pups - May 28 June 24th - all pups are meeeting me at the gate- and are eating very well.
... Donna-2003 (F) (L)
Bred to Danny- for the first time since Ive been breeding dogs- an all girl litter- finally- success!!!! this breeding meets the winning formula!!!
... Macy-2003 (F) (L)
Bred to Casper- Pups born August. Both dogs have won it all- this litter is a mix of all white- and all black.
... Zora-2005 (F) (L)
Father: Crazy-2000 (L)
Zora x Torpa ( A. Reynolds) Both parents are leaders- Zora has rced on winning Rondy and ONAC teams. Torpa has raced lead on a top 3 ONAC team. pups - may 29 June 24- all pups are eating
... Heidi-2005 (F) (L)
Pups- July- 7 males- 3 girls Bred to Lyle.