1st Place Gunflint Mail Run 2022

Had a super fun time at the 2022 Gunflint Mail Run! Wasn't sure I would make it when we got up at 3 in the morning on race day at our house 50 minutes from Trail Center. There was 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and it was almost zero visibility with heavy snow/strong winds! Thankfully by 4 a.m. it had stopped snowing so after cutting a tree that was blocking our road we ventured out... at one point looked like 12 inches on the road! Came up behind someone who had just been pulled out of the ditch, we all slowly made our way to the race. Thankfully they only got like 3 inches of snow out there but the 3 1/2 miles of lake was pretty tough going, better in the woods:) 2nd leg the trail had set up better so had a slightly faster 2nd leg time:) This was a test run for Beargrease so ran 3 yearlings, one got slightly sore so went with 7 for the 2nd leg as it seemed like many teams did. Beautiful woods to run a dog team through, saw fresh moose tracks:) Mike and my leaders had a head on collision in the dark after I had done the turn around. Not sure if they couldn't see each other well enough if our headlamps were too blinding, or both sets of leaders couldn't decide which way to go at the last second but bam... thankfully all were ok, just a quick untangle all our other passes were super:) I have to say I was (and always am:) super impressed with my two main leaders, the mother/daughter duo Tamar and Nikita! They are just awesome! The team did amazing, so proud of them! We had a blast out there together:) Congrats to Mike on his two teams great runs for 2nd and 3rd place and all the other racers and a huge thank you to all who put on this great event! Vet teams are always amazing thank you!! Thank you to my amazing parents, especially my dad who I couldn't do all this without his help!!! First leg of 31.6 miles run time 3:10:16, 2nd leg run time 3:01:42 for a total of 6:11:58. Oh and kinda forgot to mention we won lol!!!! 😉😁
... Tamar-2014 (F) (L)
Tamar is simply amazing!!!! Screaming driving hard always, listened great on the lake even when sections were drifted over!!!
... Nikita-2015 (F) (L)
Nikita is always trying to go harder and faster!!! What a girl!!! Sets a very fast pace up front and keeps it going!!! Needs work on her lake leading though:)
... Laska-2018 (F) (L)
Always hard driving, just screaming to go always!
... Kodiak-2018 (M)
Always rock solid he was one of my main powerhouses on the team in point the whole race!
... Thor-2017 (M)
Thor is always a beast! Fast and powerful!
... Cobra-2020 (M)
A bit unsure with all the head on passing but did well for his first race:)
... Takara-2020 (F) (L)
Also a bit unsure with all the head on passing but did pretty good for her first race!
... Saga-2020 (F) (L)
A bit of a young yearling, she is so wild she got sore on the lake early on in the deep soft snow and wasn't her usual driving self, dropped after 1st leg.