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Vader-2010 (L)Perm

Vader is an incredible, driven athlete, is and has been one of our best dogs and best fast pace setting race leader!!!! Fast and smooth gaited, works his heart out always a tight tugline, mostly loping even when the pace is slower with a heavy load. Tireless. Best eater/drinker in the yard, always sucks/gulps everything down like there is no tomorrow! Excellent coat for a pointer cross, handles both heat/cold equally great! Very good feet. Odin grandson. Very durable, tough dog physically, rarely been injured. Finished as a yearling on my winning 2012 Midnight Run team happy and ready for more! Finished in lead on my winning 2014 Voyageur Classic team!! Super, hard driving leader through the strong winds (up to 72 mph wind gusts whiteout conditions) on my 2nd place 2015 Midnight Run team and ran lead setting a fast pace all three stages at Copper Dog for a 5th place finish! If I could clone him I would! Incredible athlete, incredible heart and drive, super tough headed dog, superb driving leader!!!! Some of the best yearlings we have ever had are out of him! Still rocking it at 8 1/2 years of age finishing Beargrease mid in 3rd place and all three days of Copper Dog 150 as tough, hard driving and durable as ever! Love this boy! Tested AHE non-carrier 60 lbs. Stud Fee $600

Cash-2001Perm Tulsa-2000Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree