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... Bandit-2017 (M) (L)
Only offspring of my main super leader Viva, Bandit is a big, strong, fast, high attitude powerhouse of a dog with endless energy/stamina. Never seen him tired, as crazy at the end of a run/race as he was at the beginning. Driving leader, always adds a turbo boost to the team when in front. Great coat, super tough feet, hardly wears a bootie, good eater, quick recovery, just an all around durable dog, one of our strongest. Easily 55 lbs. or a bit more. Stud fee $500
... Granite-2017 (M) (L)
Granite is a high attitude, very hard driving fast dog! Powerful though not a big dog. This guy is solid muscle! Shy guy until you bring out the harness then he is trying to throw himself into it:) Super feet, hardly wears a bootie, moderate to lighter coat, quick recovery, very heat tolerant. Super excited to get pups out of him this year 50 lbs. or so. Stud fee $500