Group 2018 1st Place Midnight Run 8-dog 100 miles


Had to line up a driver last minute because my mom was unable to come to the race so thank you to Craig for helping me out and Ryan Beaber for helping line up the driver for me! I almost didn't make it to the race as Wed. night I stayed in Superior, WI and felt terribly sick. Knew I would be in no shape to race feeling like that but thankfully I felt much better in the morning, not 100%, mostly just a bad cough but well enough to continue on. It was so great seeing everyone and what beautiful weather we had! Sure love zipping through the curvy, narrow trails, catching a little air on some of the bumps:) The dogs were amazing, good thing they were strong because I was not! We left Chatam in 2nd place, 7 minutes after race leader Larry Fortier left with his amazing team! Was able to catch him 15 miles in though and pull away to finish 13 minutes ahead of 2nd place Frank Moe's awesome team. Crossed the finish line a little before 11:20 a.m. with all 8 dogs healthy, happy and loping home averaging 11.88 mph. (Trail was about 5 miles longer each way due to a detour around a bad bridge that we used to cross) What an honor to be awarded the Best Cared for Team Award also!!! Very proud of my team and how well they did:) Love those doggies!!!


Loped the whole race always driving hard what a girl!!

Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree

Fast, tough and strong, Katniss acts like she is on catnip, full of energy, just a super girl!

Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree

This guy has turned into a maniac racing pro! Loped the whole race just driving, tireless, fast and powerful, did outstanding!!

Venture-2011Perm Oxy-2013Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Tamar-2014 (L)Perm

Tamar ran lead the whole race with Viva and did fantastic!!! Just a tireless driver, always bouncy and happy after like she never ran!

Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Vader-2010 (L)Perm

Vader didn't run lead this race as Viva and Elektra were in standing heat so he ran in team with Zorro and drove hard like always!!

Cash-2001Perm Tulsa-2000Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Viva-2011 (L)Perm

Viva was in standing heat at this race so had all the boys in the back in the girls in the front which worked well:) She did absolutely amazing setting a driving pace in lead, only she remembered where we finished last year when the race was cut short due to the heat/melt down and wanted to turn in there!!! What a great dog though, love my girl! She was as bouncy and peppy an hour after the race as she was before!

Slider-2004Perm Sparrow-2004Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree

Always driving, fast, powerful, just love this guy!

Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree