Dogs In Kennel

... Viva-2011 (F) (L)
Fast, driven female with tons of energy! Ran lead like a pro first time and has been a main leader ever since, she is a SUPER leader, one of our best! Rarely injured, always bouncy and happy full of go!
... Tamar-2014 (F) (L)
This dog is amazing!!! What an incredibly hard driving, fast, tireless ball of energy! She is just outstanding!!!!
... Nikita-2015 (F) (L)
Natural leader from the get go, very hard driving smooth and fast girl!
... Katniss-2015 (F)
Strong and hard working girl, always happy/bouncy, tough, resilient and fast, she and her sisters have been absolute rockstars from the get go! SOLD
... Bandit-2017 (M) (L)
Wild, goofy big boy... tireless, strong and fast, great coat, iron feet, like strapping a rocket in lead!
... Laska-2018 (F) (L)
Fantastic young leader!! Very driven, focused and fast!
... Kodiak-2018 (M)
Very driven, consistent, fast, tough and hard working boy!
... Yukon-2018 (M)
Huge leggy guy, very fast, powerful and driving!
... Thor-2017 (M)
An absolute beast in harness, like having two dogs in one! Love his drive, power and speed, just a super dog!
... Granite-2017 (M) (L)
Fast, hard driving dog! Super young leader!