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I am having to make the VERY difficult decision to let go of one of the best dogs I have ever had. This dog has been absolutely a phenomenal superstar his whole racing career starting out as a yearling on my very first win ever, the 2012 Midnight Run. He has helped me win and place very well at all the races I have run over the years as superstar leader, driving through whiteout conditions with wind gusts up to 72 mph, just driving into it! Super confident, sweet, friendly, mellow dog, he is my friend and buddy so I am looking for just the right situation for him. He has trained up with my team all year but is 8 yrs. old now and has slowed a half-step from what the younger dogs are wanting to do. He is in great health/shape and is currently in training, so could race this season with the right team. Exceptional race leader, good lake leader as well. He has sired some of my best dogs so excellent breeding potential as well. Would make a great pet, is super with other dogs and children, very patient and easy going. With our current situation of having to move back and forth seasonally from our resort in Canada to our home in Grand Marais we have to really keep our numbers down or I would not be letting this special guy go. SALE PENDING

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