Group 2018 6th Place Beargrease 8-dog 120 miles

Things didn't go too smoothly on the first 38 mile leg of Beargrease... had a ton of stops for various reasons, moving a male who was too distracted by a female, stopping in clean (free of poop and rocks) snow places to let the dogs cool off and bite snow, had to bag a dog the last 13 miles and also had a dog bite her tongue really bad and was all bloody so yeah... problems:) The 2nd and 3rd legs went much smoother just down on numbers unfortunately and can't make up the time we had lost already. Trail was beautiful, gorgeous full and bright moon that night. Frostbite the tip of my nose badly again :( seems to happen at Beargrease every time I race it! Finished in 6th place with 6 dogs not too bad for all the problems. Dogs did amazing, driving hard the whole race and climbed the hills awesome!


Elektra is always driving hard, just a super dog but ended up having to load her 13 miles from the first checkpoint with a sore shoulder.

Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Nikita-2015 (L)Perm

This girl drives so hard and must have been flapping her tongue about as she bit it pretty good and got blood all over herself! I was so very worried about her I was planning on scratching at the first road crossing I came too (this was on the first leg of the race) but thankfully the bleeding stopped! She ran and acted totally fine and finished the race in excellent shape!The vets gave her a thorough checkover in Finland and ok'd her to continue. They checked her again at the 2nd checkpoint just to make sure but she was doing just fine! Lots of heart in this little girl, she is amazing!

Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree

Yearling Soldier got the nod when another key adult couldn't come (been plagued with moose stomping holes on all our trails:) and he did fantastic at his first race!!! Drives up the hills amazing added a lot of power to the team!! Very impressed with this young guy!

Venture-2011Perm Oxy-2013Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Tamar-2014 (L)Perm

Fantastic, tireless, driving girl, never missed a beat!

Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Vader-2010 (L)Perm

Vader ran lead the whole race with Viva and they rocked it out as usual! Always driving hard, loping up the hills or digging in on the slower climbs he is an incredible dog!

Cash-2001Perm Tulsa-2000Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Viva-2011 (L)Perm

She rocks it in lead alongside her buddy Vader, driving up those hills, even down to six dogs on the last leg these two set a super pace!!!

Slider-2004Perm Sparrow-2004Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree

What a powerhouse this guy is! Fast and drives like a locomotive, only gets distracted by females in heat so had to move him to wheel where the girls are only ahead of him:)

Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree