Group 2019 2nd Place Gunflint Mail Run 8 dog 64 Miles

Had a super fun time at the Gunflint Mail Run, coming in right behind the leader, Martha Schouweiler, my dear friend and fierce competitor! I was in fourth place after the first 32 mile leg roughly 7 minutes behind the two leading ladies of the pack, Rita Wehseler and Martha only 15 seconds apart! I didn't have much hope of making up that time but was going to give it our best shot:) I met Martha just before the turn around loop so only a few minutes behind, then almost to the lake which is what, 3 1/2 to 4 miles from the finish, another musher heading out said she was only a minute ahead. Met the 12 dog team of Ryan Anderson after just coming down onto the lake and he said, "She's just right there!" lol :) Saw her headlamp a ways out on the lake and decided to give it all we had or I would regret not at least trying :) . I never call up my dogs, racing or training, until the end of a run or coming into the finish line so have always saved my "speed up" cues for that. I only encourage them, which makes them speed up on their own:) But it was the time to make a drive to the finish so I started using my speed up cues and Tamar started her excited crying and we took off, slowly closing the gap through the mash potatoes snow and slush on the lake:) We caught up to her just entering no mans land shortly before the finish chute to finish 2 seconds behind her! What a race! 7 yr. old Viva and 3 yr. old Nikita led the whole race with Tamar, Elektra, Patriot, Bandit, Warrior and Soldier making up the rest of the team. So proud of them they did amazing! And congrats to Martha on her awesome win!!!!!!

Bandit-2017 (L)Perm
M   Herman-2007Perm Viva-2011Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
F   Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Nikita-2015 (L)Perm

Ran lead whole race and did fantastic!

Vader-2010Perm Tamar-2014Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
M   Venture-2011Perm Oxy-2013Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
M   Venture-2011Perm Oxy-2013Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Tamar-2014 (L)Perm
F   Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
Viva-2011 (L)Perm

Ran lead whole race, such a superstar!

Slider-2004Perm Sparrow-2004Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree
M   Riby-2008Perm Lark-2009Perm Joanna Oberg Pedigree