2020 4th Place Beargrease 8 Dog 120 Miles

Another Beargrease in the books! We finished 4th out of 31 mushers, only a few minutes behind 2nd and 3rd place but well behind Champion Erin Schouweilers speedy team!! Congrats to team Schouweiler on an amazing race/finish!!! I made a lot of mistakes at this race and had some different issues, including but not limited to the bad timing of having to wait for a train at the railroad crossing... I really need to break this bad luck issue at this race lol! We again finished with 6 dogs but our last leg of the race was our best and we had the fastest leg time for that run with only six dogs! So that was pretty fun! Tamar and Viva led the whole race and did super! Viva will be turning 9 years old in less then two months! What a girl! Thanks to my dad for handling for me and congrats to all the finishers!!
... Viva-2011 (F) (L)
Viva ran lead the whole race with Tamar, in what will be most likely her last Beargrease. She did super, so proud of her she has just been the best leader ever!!! I know she was not the oldest dog in the race but at 2 months shy of 9 yrs. she still sets a fast pace!! :) Love my Viva girl!
... Warrior-2014 (M)
Warrior is always on the team, fast, driving, powerful he has been a super star for me!!!
... Tamar-2014 (F) (L)
Ran lead whole race with Viva and did phenomenal! Just a driving dynamo! She was on fire, especially on the 2nd and 3rd legs, screaming to go faster up the hills:) A tireless ball of energy that one!
... Nikita-2015 (F) (L)
Phenomenal leader but ran point whole race with her sister Katniss:) She is like her mother Tamar, screaming to go faster up the hills! Hard driving dynamo!
... Katniss-2015 (F)
Katniss is always a hard driving, fast, tough and resilient dog! She did awesome as always! Just a super dog!
... Bandit-2017 (M) (L)
Bandit was one of my three best dogs in the runs leading up to Beargease as he is a tireless, hard driving fast and powerful dog with iron feet but has dealt with some nausea issues since fall from high excitement/getting worked up... Been giving him PepcidAC per my vet's advice before runs but gave it too him way to early on race day and he was super amped with females in heat and the excitement of the race... he was sick multiple times on the first leg causing him to hold back.... I felt h…
... Soldier-2016 (M)
Soldier is always happy, always driving hard, just a super dog all the way around and he loves to race!!!
... Thor-2017 (M)
Thor is a beast!!! His first race ever and he was phenomenal!!! Fast, powerful, hard driving and tireless!! Unfortunately he has to be dropped with a sore shoulder at the 2nd checkpoint.