2020 1st Place Gunflint Mail Run 8 Dog 64 Miles

Fastest trail at this race ever! Such a blast! Team did awesome, so fun to fly up and down the rolling hills!!! First after the first 32 mile leg and held the lead to finish almost 6 min. in the lead, so proud of my dogs they were amazing and conditions were perfect! First leg time 2:31:05 ave. mph 12.56, second leg time 2:41:32 ave. mph 11.78, overall ave. 12.15 mph. Happy dogs at the finish!!!
... Viva-2011 (F) (L)
Viva is still rocking it in lead at two months shy of 9 yrs!!!! We were just flying down the trail with her and Nikita in lead!!!
... Warrior-2014 (M)
This guy, once he matured ;) has been a reliable, fast, smooth, hard driving, never injured, superstar!!! What a great dog!!!!
... Nikita-2015 (F) (L)
MVP at this race Nikita was on fire in lead! She just wanted to go faster and faster!!!!
... Katniss-2015 (F)
This girl is always a solid, dependable, hard working and fast rock star!!! Love her!!
... Bandit-2017 (M) (L)
This guy has some maturing to do but when he was on it was like being strapped to a rocket:)
... Soldier-2016 (M)
Soldier was amped to race!! Always a fast, driving powerhouse as happy at the end as the beginning!!!
... Laska-2018 (F) (L)
Super impressed with this hard driving fast yearling!!! Great experience for her with all the head on and from behind passing. Did outstanding!!!
... Bayfield-2015 (F) (L)
Bayfield was flying! She did awesome!