2014 1st Place Voyageur Classic 8-Dog

This was billed as a 70 mile race, two 35 mile legs with a 2 hour layover plus start differential. It ended up being more like an 82-84 mile race as each leg was 41 or 42 miles. I was third out of the chute and the dogs were pretty amped up and crazy to run, we caught the two teams ahead of us pretty quickly so were in the lead most of the first leg. It sure was a fast and furious ride, I loved every minute of it!!! Lost a few minutes with the team turning down the wrong trail at a confusing intersection but finally got to the checkpoint. Left after our rest 40 seconds behind Frank Holmberg though we caught him pretty quickly, we ran very close together pretty much most of the race, taking turns in the lead, aside from a few times where he pulled ahead or I did. Closer to the end he had a couple hundred yard lead on me and we ran like that for a ways, then in the last mile of the race my team caught and passed his in no mans land! His leaders ran next to my sled across the finish line 4 seconds behind me!!! Talk about a close race! He has a great team and ran a great race! Had some sore feet and a few other minor issues but was so proud of my team they did a super job! Great race and so nice to feel safe with all the road crossing support from the search and rescue teams and the lead snowmobile that stayed ahead of me the whole way:) My mom handled for me as always and she loves this race as she didn't have to do much!!! lol Thanks to my dad also for all his help with training, trail packing ect!
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
At 7 1/2 years old Talon has a harder time with speed but he kept up and did well! Wrapped his wrists at the checkpoint but still had a sore wrist at the finish. Was one of my strongest on the way back like I knew he would be,he is always a strong finisher!
... Hawk-2009 (M) (L)
Hawk is my speed leader and boy did he set a fast pace in lead with Layla the whole way out!!! Just on fire!!!
... Swift-2009 (M)
Swift was on fire like the rest of the team and ran his heart out. Finished with a sore hock but he drove hard til the end! What a superstar this boy is!
... Lark-2009 (F)
Awesome dog, super fast and tireless, always driving! Had sore feet so for the return trip she wasn't quite as on as normal.
... Vader-2010 (M) (L)
Vader always does phenomenal and he ended up running lead most of the way back and did an awesome job! Couldn't have gotten this win without him!
... Layla-2008 (F) (L)
Layla ran lead the whole race and I couldn't have done it without her! Just a tireless driving little leader, never has any issues and super on commands:) She was playing with Venture after the race like she never ran:)
... Vapor-2011 (M) (L)
Vapor's first race and he did fantastic!!! Screaming to go at every stop on the way out and was harness slamming so hard at the start he snapped his tug line loops!
... Venture-2011 (M) (L)
This big lug is a powerhouse! Every time we took off from a brief pit stop it felt like a rocket taking off!