2013 6th Place Wolftrack Classic 6-Dog

Things didn't go as I had planned since I was using this race as a training run for the dogs that would be racing Copper Dog but didn't get to race Midnight Run. I was wanting to run a conservative race to protect the dogs for Copper Dog yet still be somewhat competitive. Unfortunately my dogs picked up a virus at the vet check and I was unable to race Copper Dog the following weekend. If I had known I would have raced more aggressively and raced with some different dogs but oh well what do you do right? We had a fun race aside from a few dogs dealing with some vomiting and diarrhea:) It was very warm (37 F?) but a beautiful day and as always a wonderful time at the race and in Ely with family and friends!!!! A big surprise was having my aunt and cousins show up at the finish!!!! That meant a lot to me it was so great to see everyone!!!! Congrats to my friend and vet Clayton for his fourth consecutive win and was it a new track record??? Way to go! :)
... Talon-2006 (M) (L)
Talon ran a super lead, awesome on commands and passing like always, a powerhouse!!! We put on a blast of speed at the end for fun and he always has plenty of gas left in the tank:) Love this boy!!!
... Sparrow-2004 (F) (L)
Was fun to race my Sparrow girl again, she did great!
... Hawk-2009 (M) (L)
This was Hawk's first race in lead and he did awesome!!! Super on passing, handled the crowds just fine and has always been great on commands. I was very proud of him!!!
... Vader-2010 (M) (L)
Vader worked so hard and was scooping snow then threw it up... I thought it was because it was so warm out but it turns out he got hit pretty bad with the virus and was very down and dehydrated after the race. Totally lost all appetite (along with the others that got sick) and it took two and a half bags of fluids from the vet and several weeks to get him hydrated and back on his feet. He threw up brownish water right into the food dish I had just placed in front of him the night after the race…
... Viva-2011 (F) (L)
She ran a solid race and did great, very proud of her! Awesome natural leader that will be leading my team at races in the future!